Graphic Design

Helping you properly deliver the right message for your target market today and in the future.

First Impressions Last A Lifetime

The last thing you want to do is make a bad first impression with an unprofessional or uninspired graphic presence. As your graphic design partner, we'll make sure that your brand and design accentuates your professionalism and showcases the top advantages of your product, service, or company. From initial concepts to final print and delivery, we can handle every aspect of your graphic design and development.
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We utilize visual elements to stimulate a thought. Think about it. Would you wear black and white every day? The world needs color, and so do our clients.
Our work is your work; we are your partner in creating and maintaining a consistent, clear, and effective Brand and all the Collateral Materials to complement your brand. We will provide innovative, results oriented, and punctual services. Advertisements? Yes. Sales collateral? Sure thing. Marketing campaigns? Love 'em. Let's get started!
Our Design Process
01 - Research
Our branding approach ties together branding strategies, creative development, and your budget to produce brands that are authentic, smart, results-driven and affordable.
04 - Proof
We will be presenting a created design concept to the client and share our path and purpose to get to the next step.
02 - Brainstorm
We will meet with you and your team to help develop the best strategy. We will pull from the gathered research, your client provided content, and outlined objective.
05 - Develop
Once the Brand and Identity direction have been defined, we will begin to fine-tune the brand and eventually all your collateral material and web site.
03 - Concepts
This is where pen comes to paper, so to speak (or the mouse comes to the monitor). We do not produce multiple designs and ask you to pick one; we focus on a singular concept that targets your business market.
06 - Deliver
Everything is finalized and prepared for client delivery. Unlike other firms, GFAD will provide our clients with all files you may need to keep your brand intact as you move forward.